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Sun Metals Corporation
         EEO PUBLIC REPORT 2013

Part 1 - Corporation Details

Period to which the report relates

Start Period  July 1, 2012        End Period  June 30, 2013

Controlling Corporation

Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd

Table 1.1 - Major Changes to Corporate Group Structure or Operations

Table 1.1 - Major Changes to Corporate Group Structure or Operations in the last 12 months
There have been no major changes to the Corporate Group Structure or Operations during the last 12 months.


Declaration of accuracy and compliance
The information included in this report has been reviewed and noted by the board of directors and is to the best of my knowledge, correct and in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act 2006 and Energy Efficiency Opportunities Regulations 2006. All opportunities have been assessed to a level of accuracy that is commensurate with  the financial investment required for implementation.
Young Min Park
(CEO & President)
Date  27 Dec. 2013

Part 2 - Assessment Outcomes

Table 2.1 - Assessment Details

Name of entity : Sun Metals Corporation Pty Ltd

A. Total corporate energy use in the last financial year 3,041,240 GJ
B. Total energy use covered by assessments 3,041,240 GJ
C. Total percentage of energy use assessed (B ÷ A) x 100 100 %

Description of the way in which the entity carried out its assessment

During this reporting period, Sun Metals Corporation has conducted a detailed energy assessment across all areas of operations. In each of the four main site process areas a working group was established, led by the Area Superintendent, Area Coordinator and selected operations personnel including Site Technical Experts and Management. The group analysed process energy and mass flow data and developed a list of possible EEO projects to improve processes within their areas. A number of energy efficiency opportunities have been identified through the assessment process

Sun Metals has improved energy efficiency during recent years, based on energy per tonne of zinc metal (ingot) production. This has been due to the high level of focus on energy efficiency that has been adopted across site. Operating in an energy efficient manner and seeking to implement energy efficiency projects is viewed as smart business and Sun Metals will continue to seek and assess opportunities to further improve in the future.

Table 2.2 - Energy efficiency opportunities identified in the assessment

Status of opportunities identified Total Number of opportunities Total estimated energy savings per annum (GJ)
Business Response Implemented 1 4,234
Implementation commenced - -
To be implemented 1 34
Under investigation 6 18,123
Not to be implemented 3 109,934
Outcomes of assessment Total Identified 11 132,325

* An additional 54 potential projects have been identified during the assessment process. These potential projects have not yet been evaluated to a level of accuracy that is commensurate with the financial investment required for implementation, and have not been listed as opportunities. These projects will be further evaluated in future years of this EEO cycle.

Table 2.3 - Details of significant opportunities identified in the assessment

Description of Opportunity Type of information to be covered

Replacement of throttled Wet Gas Fan Motors with Variable Speed Drives

A review of fan and pump motors across site revealed that a number are throttled as a means of reducing flow to a level that is sustainable for operations. Detailed analysis of pump and fan motor performance clearly showed the potential savings for some of these motors.

Approval was given for the replacement of two Wet Gas Fan motors in the Roasting Area with Variable Speed Drives. The replacement was conducted in conjunction with the site annual shutdown in mid 2013.

There are another five large motors across site identified as 'an opportunity' for energy savings. These are currently under review for investment.

Equipment Type Electric Motor
Business Response Implemented
Energy saved 4,234 GJ
Greenhouse gas abated 1,123 t.CO2-e
$ saved $78,792
Payback period 1.7 years
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